Stand up comedian - improviser - writer
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“Very Clever Writing; A Great Comic”

Isy Suttie, Peep Show

“Lively and Very Funny”

Alan Seaman, Ship of Fools Comedy

“He's very watchable; he really draws you in”

Harriet Dyer, Birmingham Promoter

“I'd heard people say good things about him and I was impressed”

Phil McCullough, Flat Cap Comedy

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  • The Same Faces' guide to Zip Zap Boing

    Thu 15 Mar 2018  ·  2:01AM

    Everyone's favourite improv warm up! The Same Faces have been playing this since we first started - originally with just the standard three rules - but we've gradually added mor...

  • Kingsman 2 - Great Fun, But With One Wasted Opportunity

    Sun 24 Sep 2017  ·  4:00AM

    Contains major spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle; don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ve just got back from seeing the Kingsman sequel, and it’s ...

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