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  • The Friday Before Christmas (A Black Friday Poem)

    Fri 19 Dec 2014  ยท  5:57PM

    Twas six nights before Christmas,
    and all through the circuit,
    Black Friday had come
    for comedians who work it.

    The gigs had been nasty
    and drunken, and mean
    from the office parties
    and lushes turned green.

    The comics did try
    and plough through though they may
    Nobody cared
    for the words they did say.

    A bad night it had been
    but they'd tried to be funny
    driven on by the mantra:
    "just think of the money".

    With the gig finally done
    and the audience gone
    the comics were pleased
    as the show must go on.

    The promoter then said
    "Wasn't that a great show?!"
    which the comics won't think
    but will never say so.

    So here's a salute
    as we head into the night
    Good Black Friday to all,
    and to all a good fight...