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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 1: Cakes

    Wed 05 Aug 2015  ¬∑  9:17PM
    This year, I shall be sharing my annual summaries of the Bake Off via my blog, so I can share it on twitter just as easily as Facebook. Plus, y'know, to drive traffic to my website, because I'm just that shameless. So... welcome back to "Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off".
    • Task one sounds pretty simple, Madeir(a)
    • Body building & Baking - Behold! A new Venn diagram¬†
    • BBC Budget cutbacks mean that Mat can't afford a second T for his name
    • Always good to get the first round of the Paul Hollywood Mind Games out of the way
    • I am already enjoying Sandy's sass
    • Tattoos, a nose piercing, and a fedora - Stu wins this year's "most unlikely physical appearance for a bake off contestant" competition.
    • Hope Tamal (the anesthesiologist) doesn't have an off week and mix up his marzipan with his diazepam...
    • I look forward to Mary having a weekly fauna over Flora (AKA the new Martha)
    • Rookie error - too many gambles in week one; you can't win it first week, but you can lose it easily.¬†
    • The trouble with Hollywood these days is it's all green screen...

    Hopefully, Josh Widdecombe will be on Extra Slice soon, still hoping that Chetna will win.
    I also feel a green screen Photoshop competition coming on...