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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 2: Biscuits

    Wed 12 Aug 2015  ยท  9:45PM
    • Hollywood - stealing ideas from Berry since 2010.
    • "Ok, I'll call Mr Simpson from Maths after the show, Sandy. Can I get him on his home number?"
    • How surprising that Alvin's biscotti loaves are still wet, when he used liquid-filled fruit...
    • "I did have enough, but I ate one" is very much the Bake Off equivalent of "the dog ate my homework".
    • Rosemary's Vindicated sounds like an ITV drama.
    • "It's sticking to the cling film and I don't know why."
      The clue there, Marie, would be the word "cling".
    • I'm not sure you should really need the benefit of hindsight to realise that checking the oven is a key factor.
    • I'm pretty sure Bradford is already on the map, Sandy. That's how you drive to Bradford.
    • TASK: Make a biscuit box.
      ALVIN: "I think I'm going to give up on the box..."
      ME: Yeah, that'll go well...
    • First "Perkins-Meddle" victim of the year goes to Nadiya.
    • Ha! Paul Hollywood has the same feelings about Ugne's biscuits as 10CC has about cricket.