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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 3: Bread

    Wed 19 Aug 2015  ยท  9:40PM
    • Ooh err - sounds like Quick Breads at dawn for Nadiya & Mat.
    • Paul's on an efficiency drive this year, which is why he's having so many wordless interactions. Only speak when you can't say it with a look.
    • Alvin's pungent cheese is covered by sweeter smelling ingredients - this is known as "The Lynx Effect".
    • In fairness, Mary may well just smell baking soda all the time these days.
    • Disappointed that nothing cosmically significant happens when the two Pauls touch.
    • Slight overshare from Mat there - I'd imagine his wife is thrilled with that revelation.
    • "Punching bread; smashing dreams" is the new Blues track from Bake Off: The Album.
    • Ugne's laugh about her bunnies being blind might be the most sinister thing to ever happen in the Bake Off tent.
    • ...And that's what happens when you don't practice your Showstopper. The rookiest of rookie mistakes.