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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 4: Desserts

    Wed 26 Aug 2015  ยท  9:12PM
    • I wouldn't describe liquorice as a "subtle" flavour - I'd describe it as a "ruiner".
    • Ugne's the first person this year to attempt to get Mary drunk before the first bake's even finished. Not that it takes much persuasion, mind.
    • Mat asking bodybuilder Ugne about the quality of her wobble - if he mysteriously has two black eyes in the next round, don't be surprised.
    • Flora falls victim to Mel-meddle right under Mary & Paul's noses - will they ever learn?!
    • To be clear, Sandy believes her oven WAS on.
    • Sometimes, Sandy, instructions such as "take it off the cake stand" aren't included because they're considered a given...
    • HERB CHEESECAKES, IAN? HERB?! GET OUT! Get out now. You've ruined the concept of a perfect dessert. Herb, indeed...
    • Now Cream Soda cheesecake is a good idea, Nadiya. TAKE NOT IAN. Seriously... Herb?!
    • Cutting the edges off? Always a risk.
    • The tiered showstopper weeks are always when I'm most nervous about them carrying their works up to the Gingham Altar (still a good name for a punk band).
    • Ok, so, Mary & Paul like the Herb cheesecake... I'll stick with Raspberry & White Chocolate or Lime, if you don't mind, though.
    • Alright Ian, we get it - you're good at baking. Even if you do think that peppercorns belong in a dessert.