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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 6: Pastry

    Wed 09 Sep 2015  ยท  9:14PM
    • School boy error, Mat! Who hand-forms dough in a two hour challenge?
    • The only other time I've heard reference to Guinea Fowl is in Notting Hill - still couldn't point one out in a line up.
    • Flora's scared of waste - on a show where you bake an entire cake in order for two people to eat one slice of it.
    • Took six episodes to reach the first "soggy bottom" this year. Always nice to hear Bake Off's #1 double entendre.
    • Just when you think you've heard of every obscure bake possible, Paul plays his Flaouna trump card.
    • Why pick such an obscure technical challenge and only give them vague instructions? When none of the bakers know it, surely you're only judging them on blind luck, rather than baking knowledge & skill. Technicals used to be "things every baker should know how to make"; now they're just setting them up to fail.
    • Nothing gets you salivating quite like Squid Ink, eh?
    • Showstopper Summary: Everyone's filling is good (unless it includes ink), but the pastry isn't great. Not exactly fabulous feedback on pastry week.