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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 7: Victorian

    Wed 16 Sep 2015  ยท  9:34PM
    • Brace yourself for an assortment of "are you game for this?" jokes.
    • I was accused of having a thick top at school once - though it wasn't in such flattering terms...
    • What a surprise! - Ian's cooked game before. Actually surprising, however, is that he's about to feed Mary roadkill.
    • Note to self: the Victorians were surprisingly shallow about Pie aesthetics.
    • And sure enough... Mel comes out with a "game" pun.
    • Tamal gets a Hollywood handshake in week 7?! Must be good.
    • Flora just went full Neo to dodge that bullet.
    • Please read last week's blog/rant for my thoughts on this week's technical.
    • I'm fascinated that the editor keeps using Baker Paul for explanations of the bakes, only for him to then mess up his own.
    • Mat is not having a good time with the icing in this one.
    • At some point, someone will have to explain to me the appeal of eating gold leaf.
    • Question: are macarons strictly Victorian?
    • A round of applause for the crowning of Ian's Charlotte Russe? Bet Corbyn wouldn't like that.
    • Very correct choice for Star Baker.