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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 9: Chocolate

    Wed 30 Sep 2015  ยท  9:32PM
    • Good to see Flora's learning from her past mistak... Oh, no, wait; she's gone mad on decorations again.
    • And back she goes to that freezer again.
    • Ian's ganache looks typically perfect.
    • Mary's seemingly surprised that she likes Nadiya's work, but Paul goes straight for the handshake.
    • Flora's problem seems to be that she goes for a showstopper during the signature challenge, and she just hasn't got time to do that well.
    • Tamal, meanwhile, appears to have found the entrance to the secret garden...
    • I would've been so amused had Mel & Sue given Ian a different technical task to Flora's... just for the look on her face.
    • A meringue based technical can only mean one thing: The "How To" episodes in a few weeks time will include Paul holding the bowl over Mary's head to check the meringue's got enough hold.
    • This is top quality film making! The tent has never been this tense.
    • And Flora grabs the iron out of the fire!
    • Fortunate for this showstopper that there appears to be muggy weather - rather than in previous years, where it's been the summer's hottest day - so the chocolate will actually set.
    • Oh get out, Ian. No-one said you needed moving parts and a drinkable chocolate reservoir...
    • I think Tamal just piped the Hydra logo on to his centrepiece.
    • "This is very crumbly..." says Paul, as he knife's through the support structures of Flora's showstopper.
    • Well, I did say she was the new Martha... #SoClose