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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 10: The Final

    Thu 08 Oct 2015  ยท  1:08AM
    • Things Tamal has learned: You tell Paul "It's just a basic icing", and he will look at you as though you've just slapped his Mum.
    • Ian's the first to commandeer an abandoned bench and use its proving drawer. Are they allowed to do land-grabs in the tent? It's not Risk; it's Bake Off!
    • Bit of gamesmanship from Tamal: "Do you remember that technical you were a bit rubbish in, Nadiya?"
    • Forgot to add the sugar?! In the final? Two horse race then, maybe?
    • "We'll do it with a hose later..." - Did Mary Berry just crack a joke?! Those are rarer than Paul not having enough gluten strands...
    • "Sig-chal", "tech-chal", "natch..." - is it abbreviations week on Bak-O, Mel?
    • This must be the first final where all three bakers have been rubbish at the same thing, and thus triggered a personalised technical challenge. They'll be having pastry-based fever dreams for weeks...
    • Ah! Bread, pastry, and cake challenges - the Bake Off Trifecta.
    • "I'll be working right up until the end..." says Tamal.
      "What's new?" asks Mary, delivering her second 'sick burn' of the final.
    • Genuinely very excited to learn the recipe for homemade fondant! Thanks Nadiya!
    • The judges circulate the tent for their final 'psych out' of the year. Nadiya proves immune.
    • Yay! My favourite actually won! That never happens! Lovely people FTW!
    Always a pleasure to share my daft Bake Off musings with the world. This'll be it for another year - thanks for reading!