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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 1: Cakes

    Fri 26 Aug 2016  ยท  5:07PM
    Slightly later than usual (I was travelling back from Ireland on Wednesday evening), we return to my annual summary of things I exclaimed/observed whilst watching the Bake Off.
    Please do share/retweet this - it's basically the only vaguely popular contribution I make to the internet! And so, we begin with Week 1: Cakes.
    • It's back!
    • "I was about to give birth the last time I felt this nervous". Well, in fairness, she's about to have a bun in the oven. (Ba-dum-tish)
    • Mary is expecting the unexpected but something tells me the rampaging rhino running through the tent will still be a surprise.
    • We haven't even introduced all of the contestants yet and Paul is already playing mind games.
    • I already like Selasi; if you were to ask whether my opinion of him is high or low, I would say "highly Selasi".
    • Two domed drizzle cakes have already become the first innuendo of this year's Bake Off. Barely took 15 minutes.
    • If you make it into the tent, you're only guaranteed two challenges that you can practice; the people who manage to mess up their first signature bake continue to baffle me.
    • How can I still have to say this every year?! Don't stray from the recipe during the technical!
    • For the record, Paul's keeper used to look after Harambe. Long story short, don't drop your child in the Bake Off tent.
    • I always think they could do with deeper benches on bake off; there's always somebody knocks something off.
    • There's no point crying over split buttercream.
    • Lee makes the fatal error of ignoring Paul's subtle hint about using cream instead of ganache. You have to pick up on the hints if you're going to play the game!
    • Can anyone confirm for me that Jane isn't just Nancy (from 2 years ago) with a new haircut?
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