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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 4: Batter

    Wed 14 Sep 2016  ·  9:32PM
    Another week of Bake Off, and it's something of a surprise. But then after this week's news, I suppose thing can only get BATTER! Eh?! Like better, but batter because of this week's theme... No? I'll see myself out.
    • It's extraordinary that everybody in the tent appears to have agreed that Yorkshire puddings are way too bland on their own, and have thus added an insane amount of spice to them. At least they can't be accused of pandering to Mary.
    • For the record, The Great British Curry Off will be replacing Bake Off as of next year.
    • Benjamina puts bacon, brie and red onion in her Yorkshire Puddings, and weirdly that seemed like a  traditional choice to me., despite never having been served such a combo. Is no-one doing Toad in the Hole though?
    • I feel like had Yorkshire Woman Val failed at Yorkshire Puddings, then that ought to be the Bake Off equivalent of an Automatic Lock In.
    • Andrew really haven't mastered the "ignore the innuendos" part of Bake Off, has he?
    • If somebody presented me with a lace pancake, I'd send it back and ask them to fill it in. #SubstantialPuddings
    • "I haven't even got any lace pants," says Candice. "Well neither have I," Paul replies, a little too quickly. (There's something to look forward to on Channel 4...)
    • Just realising that my only previous experience of churros was as cheap snacks at Disney World so I'm somewhat surprised to learn but they are also an acceptable showstopper for Bake Off.
    • If Bake Off is to be believed, I've been mispronouncing churros for an incredibly long time.
    • Based on his reaction, I suspect Paul doesn't think that fennel treads the line between sweet and savoury.
    • It's quite easy to usually be good at flavours, Rav, when you normally only ever do coconut and lime.

    Finally, a quick word about this week's news that Bake Off is leaving the BBC. I, like most people, am sad to hear this - it's always felt like an inherently BBC-style show, and the thing I was perhaps most amazed by was that a show that cheap wasn't made in-house by Aunty. It turns out that Love Productions now has BSkyB as their majority owner, and thus it would really not surprise me if a decision was made by the higher ups, that - no matter what figure the beeb offered for the show - the bid was never going to be accepted. The BBC is being quietly dismantled, largely unnoticed, and I think that's terrible. It should be fought for, and made completely independent, to avoid being tampered with by the government. Both the Tories & Labour have tried to change/limit it in the last two decades, so it must be doing something right if both parties feel threatened by it. Match of the Day will be the next to go. If the BBC can't afford Bake Off, there's no way they'll be able to hold on to the football highlights deal. Once the BBC is perceived as being unable to afford quality programming, it'll be much easier to shut it down. But that perception is being manufactured by those who WANT to shut it down. We must fight for it, because we'll miss it when it's gone.
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