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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 6: Botanical

    Thu 29 Sep 2016  ·  2:03AM
    Botanical Week on Bake Off, or as it's also known, "wait, this must be Gardener's World - damn it! I've sat on the remote again."
    • Botanical week?! Did we not have enough flours already? Eh?! Enough "flours"! Like "flowers", you see? No? I'll see myself out...
    • That was an extraordinary amount of time spent on Selasi's views of Paul's dress sense. Though I suppose we should get used to this before Channel 4 brings in the swimsuit round...
    • Jane: "I'm doing a coconut & lime pie, which is inspired by...
      Me: "...every bake of Rav's."
    • Candice appears to have created the first toothpaste meringue. I didn't know she was sponsored by Colgate.
    • If Nancy wasn't allowed to refer to Paul as "the male judge" two years ago, I don't think Candice should be allowed to look Mary in the eye and say, "thank you; tart."
    • Selasi's so chill, he's baking his bread via the power of zen. If Andrew attempted this, he'd probably forget to turn the zen on.
    • With the result of the technical in, it turns out the oven-baked ones are still superior to the zen-baked ones.
    • Mel's floral dance and audible joints neatly redefines "hip-hop".
    • Garden designer Jane isn't using actual flowers in her showstopper, presumably because she didn't know any garden suppliers... Oh wait...
    • I think what we're learning here is that three-layered cakes are always a Bake Off disaster.
    • Addendum to previous comment: "...unless you're Selasi or Tom."
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