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  • Things I Exclaimed At The Great British Bake Off - Week 7: Desserts

    Wed 05 Oct 2016  ·  10:23PM
    So, Desserts week, which always feels like solid Bake Off ground to me, after the unexpected Botanical week. LET'S EAT SOME SUGAR!
    • I can't remember a previous year where there's been quite so much coconut used; even though Rav's knocked out now, I imagine there's still a national shortage.
    • Surely that little fan is just for your own entertainment, Tom?
    • Willing to bet that the lack of swirl in Jane's roulade will mean it's not a roulade. Possibly an ice-creamless Arctic Roll?
    • I feel like Tom should have piped his ganache onto his roulade; both quicker and neater, surely?
    • I genuinely love Selasi; the only baker who's considering tomorrow's breakfast toast whilst working under a time limit - but if you've got spare curd, you may as well.
    • Another comically complex technical bake. How do they never have bakers with nut allergies on this show?
    • So Andrew who'd never seen a Dacquoise before, wins the technical? Extraordinary.
    • If I was doing this showstopper, it would involve maple syrup, just so I could called it "Canadian Mousse".
    • The great trick of Bake Off is they always manage to pick something that needs to be chilled on the hottest day of the year.
    • BAKE OFF FACT: Sue mentions her Truss-free Sundays every week, but they usually edit it out due to irrelevance.
    • What an incredible inversion from last week for both Tom & Andrew.
    • TUDOR WEEK? They're making it up now.
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