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  • "Improv" - A Dirty Word... In Comedy?

    Mon 04 Apr 2016  ·  11:50PM

    From my perspective, this year has been about two things thus far: crushing celebrity deaths, and improvised comedy. Anyone who either knows me or has read around this website will know that my main focus for the last few years has been on improvised comedy, and developing The Same Faces as a group and a brand (whilst also doing my best to keep...

  • The Process Of Writing A New Show - Phase 2

    Mon 20 Jan 2014  ·  10:08PM

    This weekend, I organised two nights of Leicester Comedy Festival preview shows in Northampton. This included the first full airing of my new show, Tom Young’s Got Issues; I had mixed results... If you’re not a comedian, it’s really difficult to explain to you all the problems that writing and performing a new show presents, but here’s the main o...

  • Is It Enough To Be Funny?

    Mon 12 Aug 2013  ·  11:21PM

    Last week, I had one of the best compèring gigs of my career. It was at my own monthly night in Northampton, which, considering it’s August, had an unexpectedly full audience. I always try to do new material at this gig – partially to spare my regular punters from hearing repeats, and partially to force myself to write more. However, due to having ...