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  • Kingsman 2 - Great Fun, But With One Wasted Opportunity

    Sun 24 Sep 2017  ·  4:00AM

    Contains major spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle; don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ve just got back from seeing the Kingsman sequel, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable, though a touch absurd in places (Robot dogs? Really?), but generally speaking a decent sequel to the game-changing original. I’d probably give the film 8 ou...

  • Manners Maketh Man... And A Sequel - What I'd Do With Kingsman 2

    Wed 17 Jun 2015  ·  2:30AM

    Contains massive spoilers about the original Kingsman film, and wild conjecture about the sequel.    It's always fun when a new movie is released of a familiar genre, but does something so original that it reinvents the concept in the process. Kingsman: The Secret Service did that this year. Matthew Vaughn created an incredible film (with a Jane Goldman ...