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  • My Pitch For: Marvel's Fantastic Four (on Netflix)

    Thu 06 Aug 2015  ·  2:51AM

    As I write this sentence, it is the day before Fox officially releases its Josh Trank-helmed reboot of the Fantastic Four. It has been a troubled production (to say the least), with rumours of heavy reshoots, "controversial" casting choices (ooh, they're young, aren't they?), and finally, a studio-imposed embargo on all reviews until earlier this evening....

  • Manners Maketh Man... And A Sequel - What I'd Do With Kingsman 2

    Wed 17 Jun 2015  ·  2:30AM

    Contains massive spoilers about the original Kingsman film, and wild conjecture about the sequel.    It's always fun when a new movie is released of a familiar genre, but does something so original that it reinvents the concept in the process. Kingsman: The Secret Service did that this year. Matthew Vaughn created an incredible film (with a Jane Goldman ...

  • Matt Smith's Final Series (That Should've Been)

    Sun 29 Dec 2013  ·  11:55PM

    Ok, this will be a short one. Also, a very nerdy one. Really nerdy. So nerdy that I'm not even going to publicly share it, so if you've found it, you've done so on your own; well done you! The Time of the Doctor aired four days ago, and while I did really enjoy it (and even more so upon a second viewing), I did feel it was a bit rushed. This, combined wi...