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  • The Ghost Crux - How Writer's Block Snuck Up On Me (But Didn't Slow Me Down)

    Tue 16 Jun 2015  ·  1:42AM

    It is claimed that the blank page is the thing writers fear most; that starting a project is the most difficult part. That is - SPECTACULARLY - not my problem. As I sit typing this, I currently have many projects quite happily begun, but woefully unfinished. Many of them are quite good, as the artistry of that last sentence really ought to reveal. I regul...

  • The Friday Before Christmas (A Black Friday Poem)

    Fri 19 Dec 2014  ·  5:57PM

    Twas six nights before Christmas, and all through the circuit, Black Friday had come for comedians who work it. The gigs had been nasty and drunken, and mean from the office parties and lushes turned green. The comics did try and plough through though they may Nobody cared for the words they did say. A bad night it had been but they'd tried to be fun...

  • The Process Of Writing A New Show - Phase 2

    Mon 20 Jan 2014  ·  10:08PM

    This weekend, I organised two nights of Leicester Comedy Festival preview shows in Northampton. This included the first full airing of my new show, Tom Young’s Got Issues; I had mixed results... If you’re not a comedian, it’s really difficult to explain to you all the problems that writing and performing a new show presents, but here’s the main o...

  • The Process Of Writing A New Show - Phase 1

    Mon 23 Sep 2013  ·  10:39PM

    It’s that time again. Today, I received my confirmation email from Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, asking me to formally register my show for next year. That means I’ve now got five months to put the new show together, and I’ll try to use this blog to keep you up-to-date with how it’s going. Ahh, but where to start? Well, the first thing t...

  • Is It Enough To Be Funny?

    Mon 12 Aug 2013  ·  11:21PM

    Last week, I had one of the best compèring gigs of my career. It was at my own monthly night in Northampton, which, considering it’s August, had an unexpectedly full audience. I always try to do new material at this gig – partially to spare my regular punters from hearing repeats, and partially to force myself to write more. However, due to having ...