Stand up comedian - improviser - writer

Improv workshops

Tom has been studying improvised comedy since 2004, performing it since 2008, and teaching it since 2013. He performs regularly as a founding member of The Same Faces (see the Improv page), and teaches two regular improv workshops a week; one in Leicester, and one in Northampton.

Improv isn't just for comedians. The skill sets and techniques required can boost creativity, public speaking confidence, mental processing, team work, and presentational skills. All while attempting to have as much fun as possible.

All who are enthusiastic to learn and have a good sense of humour are welcome. No previous performance experience necessary. Previous/current attendees have included teachers, actors, lawyers, marines, comedians, singers, sales people, hairdressers, IT workers, and more.

The workshops take place on week nights. Attendance is £7.50 per session, or you can pay a £30 monthly subscription (paid on the first of the month), which includes all workshops (in both towns), and discount entry to The Same Faces’ regular shows. Talk to Tom in person for more information about this.

The Northampton workshop is on Tuesday nights. Details can be found on our Northampton page.

The Leicester workshop is on Thursday nights. Details can be found on our Leicester page.

If you want to come along, sign up via (it’s free, and takes a matter of seconds to log-in). If you'd like to know more before you join, get in touch via the contact page, and we’ll get back to you!

UK Improv Co-Op Retreat

Alongside Geoff Monk, Tom is the co-organiser of the UK’s Improv Co-Op Retreat events (which, at some point, we’ll think of a proper name for). These are weekend events that currently happen twice a year (Spring & Autumn - usually April & November), where improvisers from around the country come together to learn, play, and socialise with one another. It’s incredible fun, and quite tiring (but in a good way)!

The weekends’ fee includes all teaching, food, and accommodation. The events usually contain around 18 choices of workshops to attend, a jam show, a demo show, a group discussion about the future of improv, social time, and lots of late night singing in the bar.

What does co-op mean? All the workshops at the weekend are taught by those who attend the event (in exchange for a discount off their attendance fee). This enables us to keep the costs down, while ensuring high teaching standards (previous teachers have come from groups including The Same Faces (Leicester/Northampton), MissImp (Nottingham), Box of Frogs (Birmingham), Stürike (Sheffield), Comic Sans Script (Cheltenham), and more).

If you want to hear about the next event, join the facebook group, or get in touch via the contact page.

Improv For Schools

One of Tom’s passion projects is bringing improv to schools. If you’re “the funny kid” at school, you often don’t have a productive outlet for those skills - you’re usually shunted towards English or Drama, neither of which will necessarily help you excel in what you’re best at. Improv can change that!

Tom has been teaching improv to young people since 2014, with great success, having worked with schools in Leicestershire & Northamptonshire.

Improv promotes listening, team work, communication, and creative thinking, while building confidence and self esteem. It’s incredibly popular with drama students, and is an excellent option for Arts Week workshops, transition days, drama clubs, and English lessons (specific workshops on understanding story structure and narrative are available).

Tom’s basic hourly rate is competitive (though variable dependent on circumstances such as class size, age range, and travel requirements). Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to find out more.